If you have a basic model designed on solid pattern  or in electronic format, we can GRADE your model

grading of patterns

grading from model size

Grading of patterns is rather slow and complex process in which the requirement is to increase and decrease the specific details by using the algorithm so that the model can be preserved as proportions and vision for all sizes without impeding the sewing of the individual elements of the model in his production.

 If you have a basic model designed on solid pattern (cardboard, paper, etc.) or in electronic format, we can GRADE your model into the desired size on a given chart with measurement data or we can offer you standard size data.

 Send us your files for the model from the form for sending files or on e-mail in contacts.

 After gradation of the model it is possible modeling of the basic pattern and obtaining a new model without the need to do gradation of the newly obtained model again.

All models are stored in our database for always and can easily be modeled in other models for the next season.

file formats

File formats of constructed patterns can be downloaded and tested on your CAD system from the attached formats.


download DXF


download PLT

Adobe illustrator

download Ai

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